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Bring your parish and parishioners together with Realm.

We know you are interested in Realm®, our 100% web-based Catholic management solution. You want to provide your parish with modern tools to manage your parishioners, schedule your Masses and ministries, and organize events and volunteers. Plus, you want your parishioners to be able to communicate outside the walls of your church. Let’s take a look at how upgrading to Realm can transform your parish, what happens to your current data in Parish Data System, and how we help you make the transition.

Transition to Realm in 3 easy steps.

Data Prep

Your data is vital to the parish and is important to us, which is why we are here to ensure it is properly cared for during the transition.


While most of the work during this process is in our wonderful technicians' hands, we want to make sure you understand what we are doing and prepare you for the post-conversion conversations.​


We don’t leave you alone after conversion but instead give you plenty of coaching and training along the way to ensure your parish’s success with Realm.

See how Realm empowers your parish.

Church Administration

Religious Education

Ministry Scheduling

Hear from others who are excited they made the switch.

Ready to upgrade to Realm?

We intentionally built Realm to fit the unique needs of Catholic parishes, and we are continuing to grow how we serve the entire diocese.